Volochkova instead of twine sat on the glass: “Why is she in the restaurant naked?”

Волочкова вместо шпагата присела на стакан: "Почему она в ресторане голая?"

today, 14:01

Well-known Russian ballerina, and showwomen tried to make excuses for addiction to alcohol in which it is increasingly accusing the network of the haters. Champion incredible splits recently spoke with Russian journalists. It is worth noting that in this conversation there were thoughts like — they say, “half the country thumps”, and attack for some reason on Volochkova.

This became known thanks to a recent interview ballerina and very commented to media publications in the network Instagram.

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However, network users are not interested in the thoughts of the stars, and outfit that she chose to communicate with journalists in a restaurant. For interview Volochkova dressed in all white pants and bra are covered with a transparent white dress. On the head the dancers wore the hairpiece that haters immediately dubbed a washcloth. By the way, that Volochkova in a glass of water, believe a few.

Волочкова вместо шпагата присела на стакан: "Почему она в ресторане голая?"

Anastasia Volochkova, Gorzavel

“Why is she in the restaurant naked?”, “in the summer, coats in the winter naked. Antifreeze”, “Hairpiece not the color of the hair stylists missed”, “In a glass of vodka”, “Pure alcohol!”, “Chic outfit-the bra and briefs!!all appreciated???”, “Taste certainly does not Shine…have hired a stylist, and this trailer clip yesterday…”, “Well when can’t get to her stylists? What’s behind the curtain on the body and washcloth for my head?”, – write users.

Волочкова вместо шпагата присела на стакан: "Почему она в ресторане голая?"

Recall that Volochkova was struck by the change in appearance, the mother does not know: “So much better”.

As reported Znayu Loboda lit chic buttocks in lingerie: the motivation for each.

Znayu wrote too lean Volochkova in bikini drove fans to hysteria: “Three feathers in two rows”.

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