Volochkova rubbed with splits and poor horse: the animal’s eyes speak for themselves

Волочкова протерла шпагатом бедную лошадь: глаза животного говорят сами за себя

Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is strongly draws attention to the person on the page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity boasted a series of frames in the elite equestrian club, posing on horseback. So, the actress admitted that went for a walk with the beloved man-incognito, whose face is never revealed to the public, and yet for some reason, managed to lose the splits right in the saddle.

“Today, we loved horseback riding at @ksk_spodkova 🐎 In the tight schedule of filming, rehearsals, recording my audiobook I took the day and made it the weekend!👍🏼🌺 How do I get a horse? The twine and without.🤣 “- shared his emotions Volochkova. The followers wouldn’t have been able to Express their feelings, because comments cunning ballerina chose to hide away from criticism. It is worth noting that even though Anastasia and hides lover, fans have long dogodatsya that the quiet man – a Chechen by the name of Malik, who works as a security guard in the gym, which daily visited by the dancer. But, a celebrity is not love animals more recently, she wanted to bathe kitty lucky in the icy water bowl, but he managed to escape.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anastasia held his daughter Ariadne in seventh grade. The outfit for this artist chose as usual shocking: colorful dress with a huge slit on the leg.

Also celebrity decided to run through the temples. The outfit for this dancer chose my way: svyaschenniki and with a deep neckline.

And Volochkova at the end of the summer I remembered that she has a daughter. And a new horse. So she decided to spend time with your friend.


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