Volochkova said, who helped her buy the mansion: besides the sex and the fireplace was nothing

Волочкова рассказала, кто помог ей купить особняк: кроме пола и камина не было ничего

Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is strongly draws attention to the person on the page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has taken part in one of the editions of the show of Andrey Malakhov “live”, inviting the TV host to his luxurious mansion. So, the actress has long shown the guest room, and then admitted that the home earned on their own, but the ex-husband Igor Vdovin, the father of her daughter Arina, not only refused to help, but also owed to Anastasia a large sum of money.

“Today was a very truthful program Andrei Malakhov, where I talked and talked, pouring out his soul. And dignity of Andrew is that he is a brilliant leading man, an excellent man, but still able to hear and listen. Link is not a program in my profile and in my stories.., see for yourself and make your own conclusions..”, – shared his emotions Volochkova. The followers were unable to Express feelings, because sly balerna prefers to hide comments. However, Anastasia has repeatedly caught lying, so fans will have this time to think, whether to believe all the words of a celebrity or only partly.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anastasia held his daughter Ariadne in seventh grade. The outfit for this artist chose as usual shocking: colorful dress with a huge slit on the leg.

Also celebrity decided to run through the temples. The outfit for this dancer chose my way: svyaschenniki and with a deep neckline.

And Volochkova at the end of the summer I remembered that she has a daughter. And a new horse. So she decided to spend time with your friend.


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