Volochkova starved boyfriend hunger: gave taste even on the day of birth

Волочкова заморила ухажера голодом: не дала отведать даже в день рождения

Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is strongly draws attention to the person on the page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity boasted gifts birthday mystery lover. So, the artist decorated the house with rose petals, hung everywhere, balloons with the initials of the boyfriend, and ordered a fantastic cake. However, the cake came out so beautiful that Anastasia did not give the man she loved at least a piece.

“Accidentally deleted this post.😂 But I want him to remain in the feed. Because we yesterday, so cool and fiery celebrated the birthday of my beloved in my house with friends! It was a fantastic evening!🙏🏻❤ it’s amazing I was so happy. The best holidays are always in my Palace!😂 I’ve arranged everything at the last moment. And the cake I ordered from a favorite Narotski Siroyan. Knowing my emotions, and her Studio have created a work of art!🙏🏻 In this cake the knight and the Princess, the passion, the fire of love and the intertwining roads and paths.❤ it’s amazing Naira, thank you for this masterpiece, in a matter of hours!🙏🏻 We have kept it. (I didn’t give the guests and loved to taste it🤣) But today I will enjoy the taste! It was fun!😊”, – shared emotions Volochkova. The followers were unable to congratulate the man with the birthday, because comments cunning ballerina hid. The most attentive fans have long known the identity of the elect Anastasia. He was a Chechen, whose name is Malik, but I met a couple at the fitness club where he works as a security guard.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anastasia held his daughter Ariadne in seventh grade. The outfit for this artist chose as usual shocking: colorful dress with a huge slit on the leg.

Also celebrity decided to run through the temples. The outfit for this dancer chose my way: svyaschenniki and with a deep neckline.

And Volochkova at the end of the summer I remembered that she has a daughter. And a new horse. So she decided to spend time with your friend.


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