Voltaire, Mixed : Premium Video and the creative Bracelets Red are preparing a series for teens

Voltaire, Mixte : Prime Video et la créatrice des Bracelets Rouge préparent une série pour ados

Voltaire, Mixed : Premium Video and the creative Bracelets Red are preparing a series for teens

In 2021, Premium Video we will plunge in a high school… in the mid-60s. The streaming platform, alongside the creative Bracelets Red, prepares a historical series for teens titled Voltaire, Mixed.

Bonus Video – the streaming platform, Amazon, is determined to make us forget Deutsch-Les-Landes, his first original French. She just announced today during a press conference, in the company of production companies “Drive Simone” (Kepler, Hotel from the Beach) and “Autopilot Entertainment” (I’m not a man easy), she decided to give carte blanche to Marie Roussin (Bracelets Red, A French Village, Borgia) to create and lead Voltaire, Mixed.

The high school students discover the diversity in Voltaire, Mixed

What would it be ? Expected in the course of the year 2021, this series we will plunge at the beginning of years 60, in a high school in France, when “the introduction of the mixed education“. A real upheaval in the society, far from being approved by all, that will change the lives of young boys and young girls. The synopsis reveals : “through the eyes of adolescents, but also of their teachers, members Premium live the joys and sorrows of a generation that discovers and uncovers the other. Between the need to improvise the relations with the other sex, and the hum hormonal characteristic of the awkward age, this school year at the Lycée Voltaire promises to be more delicious.

And, while Voltaire, Mixed promises us already “slice-of-life, extraordinarily funny, sometimes funny or embarrassing, but always surprising, “the series – despite a plot located in the past, will want to be very current in its theme : “The treatment of each of the characters is also the opportunity to discuss topics as serious as love, empowerment, sexuality and self-acceptance.

After SKAM, France will she have the right to a new series for teens, strong and effective ? Fingers crossed, especially as Marie Roussin would have the ambition to make a living for his series from 1963 to 1968 (or possibly 5 seasons) in order to stage the evolution of mentalities student highlight : may 68.

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