“Vorskla” missed the victory over Arsenal and has lost a place in the top 6

«Ворскла» упустила победу над «Арсеналом» и потеряла путевку в топ-6

“Vorskla” in the final match 22-th round of the Premier League and failed to beat Arsenal and dropped into the lower top 6.

“Mariupol” after yesterday’s draw in the away match against FC Karpaty Lviv (1:1) provided “Vorskla” a great chance at getting into the top 6 and the continuation of the struggle for European cups. To solve this problem, Poltava needed any score to beat Arsenal.

From the top 6 “Vorskla” moved away in the 8th minute Avagimyan hung from a corner, and Vakulenko head shot into the far corner.

Vorskla scored in the 24th minute, Dubinchuk knocked Perduta, Sharpar calmly converted the penalty.

In the 56th minute Sharpar with the 11-meter scored twice. This time Bashlay hand met the ball after a penalty kick.

“Vorskla” instead of trying to consolidate their advantage clung to their goal. Arsenal actively went ahead and still did it – Sakiv brought a penalty to a save, and Vakulenko with 11-meter mark sent the ball under the crossbar.

It is symbolic that “Mariupol” in the top-6 brought two goals of former midfielder Azovtsev Sergey Vakulenko. A “Vorskla” the end of the season will hold in the struggle to preserve residence in the Premier League.

Arsenal Kiev – Vorskla 2:2Голы: Vakulenko, 8, 89 (penalty) – Sharpar, 23, 56 (both penalty)

Arsenal-Kiev: Pidkivka – Dubinchuk, Vakulenko, Bashlay, Zhychykov – Dombrowski (Yanakov, 71) – Kadymyan (Sahutkyn, 55), Tank, Orikhovskiy (Lipartia, 61), Avagimyan – Kovpak.

Vorskla: Shust – Perduta, Chesnakov, Giorgadze, Supai – Sharpar, Gabelok (Child 76) – Careca, Sakiv, Arthur, Kolomoets (Sehic, 90+1).

Warning: Kadymyan, Pidkivka – Kolomoets, Giorgadze, Child, Perduta.


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