Vote for Collioure, angry farmers, pigeons to save… the essential news in the region

Vote for Collioure, angry farmers, pigeons to save... the essential news in the region

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Collioure pour la région Occitanie

#VILLAGE PREFERE –France Télévisions has just announced the list of 14 municipalities selected for the next edition of its show “The favorite village of the French”. Collioure will defend the colors of Occitanie. Between Catalan boats, Fauvism and anchovies, royal castle and Fort Saint-Elmo, the Catalan city has some proud assets. To support Collioure's candidacy, votes are open until March 8 at 11:59 p.m. on the website or by telephone at 3245.

Vote for Collioure, angry farmers, pigeons to save... the essential news in the region

Today's figure: 22 million

#OCCITANIE –This is the number of nights in Occitania for the year 2023. The regional tourism committee has just published a figures for 2023 activity. The number of nights reached a record with 222 million. The share of French and local customers continues to increase, representing 63% of visitors. The return of foreign tourists is also confirmed with 80 million overnight stays. "There is a strong concentration in July and August, 35% of overnight stays, but there is an increase in April and September& ;quot;, explains Vincent Garel, the president of the committee.

The University of Nîmes grows a forest

#PLANET –After the IUT of Nîmes, the University of Nîmes has also had its microforest since January. Objective: act on biodiversity. The University of Nîmes is not its first action in environmental matters as it has implemented actions such as an electric car fleet, a loan of bicycles for students, the energy renovation of buildings, and the revegetation of the Vauban site. To create this microforest, students and staff dug the earth and planted the plants. "We had nearly 70 people who worked to replace laurels (placed in the nursery), with species such as Judas trees, Montpellier maples, arbutus trees, wild olive trees, white mulberries, hawthorns, in particular. In all, more than 20 different species occupy the 100 m2 of the moats of the Vauban site", explains the university In the three years after planting, the microforest will be autonomous. With multiple advantages: island of freshness, growth 10 times faster than a natural forest, improvement in quality and return of insects.

Farmers hunt down labels at the supermarket

#HERAULT – A group of farmers, from Rural Coordination and non-unionized, took over the Carrefour Grand Sud Lattes, in Hérault, this Tuesday, February 20. They filled carts with poorly labeled foods to raise consumer awareness. "These pot-au-feu are marked with French origin and there is even an Occitan cross on the packaging but we realize that the onions and carrots come from Spain", the farmers complain. & quot;You are also responsible since you sell misleading products for the consumer", calls out a farmer. "I am at the end of the chain and I suffer", replies a manager. Before leaving the premises, they had left five well-filled carts in front of the central cash register.

Plea for the pigeons

#ALES – The PAZ association, Paris Animaux Zoopolis, is going on a campaign against the City of Alès and the captures of pigeons. According to PAZ, "after capture, the recovered pigeons are killed. The method of killing is not described but, most often, the pigeons are gassed". Consequently, the association asks the Gard municipality to abandon this cruel method. The general administration assistant indicates that « the mandated company takes care of them and supports them" . As for the gassing of pigeons, "we don't know", says Martine Magne. PAZ campaigns for "ethical solutions" . The mayor retorts: "Scaring is useless and sterilization is horribly expensive."

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