Vote! Who will win in the show “Dances with stars z”

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Голосуем! Кто победит в шоу "Танці з зірками"

“Dances with stars z 2019”

August 25, kicks off a new season of the popular show “Dances with stars z”. The participants are already defined and known, who will be partnered in.

Participant informed Ilona Gvozdeva will be a couple of the master Vladimir Ostapchuk, singer DZIDZIO will appear on the floor with a partner Jana Cybulski, senior Daniel Salem Yulia sakhnevich, actor Alex Yarovenko light with Alyona of Shoptenko, actor Michael Kukuk with Lisa Druzhinina.

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Singer Serega will amaze productions with Adelina Delhi and outrageous MARUV with Evgeny Dmitrienko leading actress Lyudmila Barbir Dmitry Zhuk, “fantastic Inca” TAYANNA c Igor Kuzmenko Ksenia Mishina with marrying a Cat, and Olympic champion Anna Rizatdinova dance in a pair of Alexander Prokhorov, the Queen of humor Elena Kravetz will show their dancing skills paired with Maksim Leonov, leading Nadezhda Matveeva with Shokhin and Valery actress “Diesel show” Victoria Bulitko we will see on the dance floor with Dmitre by Dicesare.

We offer you to vote for the couple that, in your opinion, wins in the show “Dances with stars z”:

Recall that during the rehearsals before the first live broadcast severe injuries to two star contestants – actress Victoria Bulitko and singer TAYANNA, whose performance was in jeopardy.

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Голосуем! Кто победит в шоу "Танці з зірками"

Голосуем! Кто победит в шоу "Танці з зірками"

Голосуем! Кто победит в шоу "Танці з зірками"


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