Voted: what Poroshenko and Zelensky appeared in the elections

By noon on 21 April the wives of the presidential candidates of Ukraine came to the polls

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Проголосовали: в чем Порошенко и Зеленская появились на выборах

The first lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko

This year palm Sunday coincided with the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine. Today, April 21, many Ukrainians, including well-known personality, has managed to support their candidates. Do not stay aside and the couple’s two main opponents in the fight for the post of head of state Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. The article find out which outfit came to the polls Maryna Poroshenko and Elena Zelensky.

The network actively discussing how the wife of the showman Zelensky and first lady – wife of the current President of Ukraine Poroshenko. Family Poroshenko arrived to vote in the Kiev House of officers. Maryna Poroshenko put on a yellow coat, decorated with black elements in etnicheskih motives. She complements the image of simple earrings and a neat installation. The President posed for the cameras in a classic suit without a tie.

Проголосовали: в чем Порошенко и Зеленская появились на выборах

Poroshenko with his wife voted

Wife Zelensky voted on a plot of Obolon district of Kyiv. The star of “95 quarter” looked less solemn than during the first round: on it white t-shirt, jacket and dark glasses. Unlike the comedian, Elena Zelensky made a choice in favor of the suit mint hue and a white top.

Проголосовали: в чем Порошенко и Зеленская появились на выборах

We will remind that earlier we have discussed in detail the styles Maryna Poroshenko and Elena Zelensky, and find out which of them can become the most fashionable first lady.

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