Voyeurism: a primary school teacher gets by without a record

Voyeurism: a primary school teacher gets away with no locker

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An elementary school teacher who filmed under the skirts of teenagers and young women escaped without a criminal record, so that he could benefit society with all his research knowledge, ruled a judge. & nbsp;

“It is not in the public interest to neutralize the knowledge of the accused and to deprive oneself of fifteen years of study and university work,” said Judge Jean-Jacques Gagné, granting his clemency to Simon Lamarre, this Monday, at the Montreal courthouse.

The 40-year-old accused has committed crimes that can arouse “disgust and indignation”, a conceded the magistrate. Because from 2017 to 2020, the teacher took advantage of his free time to film incognito the crotch of his victims.

Lamarre could be rampant in the metro, at the swimming pool, or even in escalators. However, he was caught in the act during a police surveillance, and a search of his computer equipment revealed 13 videos showing him filming the private parts of his victims.

< strong> Rehabilitation

For Crown Attorney Sylvie Lemieux, Lamarre needed a criminal record for his crimes. Me Alexandre Goyette, of the defense, proposed an absolution by emphasizing the recovery in hand of his client.

Because if his arrest was “traumatic”, he has since made a introspection of the gestures he would have committed at a time when he said he had a toxic relationship with a woman.

Thus, even if Me Goyette insisted that he in no way trivialized Lamarre's actions, it was not in society's best interest for the accused to close doors because of a criminal record.


“Should we encourage the accused in his convincing rehabilitation or increase his isolation through stigmatization? What is the most profitable socially? ”Asked the judge, who finally decided to lean in favor of the accused, who lost his jobs as a primary school teacher and lecturer in university.

His discharge is, however, conditional on probation during which he will have to do 150 hours of community service.

“If you come back to me, it won't end like this. today ”, however reminded the judge in Lamarre.

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