VROOM! will be changed at the Ciné-Parc Orford

VROOM! sera modifié au Ciné-Parc Orford

A few days after its launch at the Ciné-Parc Orford, VROOM!, Moment Factory, will benefit from a few changes. The short films screened during the experiment, had received of the opinions of the spectators.

Designed by eight weeks during the pandemic, the new project of Moment Factory has the objective of renewing the experience-cinema park. With VROOM!, we have devised an interactive exhibition and a screening of short films for the whole family.

Last weekend, parents have, however, eyebrow in seeing that the film contained elements which were not suitable at all for young children.

“The films presented are, for the vast majority, vulgar, and present excerpts of violence, wrote Stephanie Neiderer on the page Facebook of the Ciné-Parc Orford. There is a disconnect between the magical and the experience that they want us to live. “

Joined by The Journal in which the producer of Moment Factory, Daniel Jean, has confirmed that the experience would be changed in the next few days. “We take criticism and we see it in a constructive way,” he said. We will add two new films for the young children in the selection. We are also going to see if it takes off “.

The producer adds that ten people at Moment Factory have spent more than a week to choose the short films in the catalogue of the national film Board. “We took movies with a little bit of everything, humor, irony, drama, for an audience of all ages.”

A project ” a little crazy “

“It is a proposal which is still pretty bold, recognizes the co-owner of the Ciné-Parc Orford, Francis Pradella. We also had a nice reception on the part of several persons who are not regular customers of the drive-ins. “

“We found that it was a project original, innovative, interesting,” he continues. This is a crazy project. “

A total of 320 vehicles can attend each representation of VROOM!. For the moment, experience is showing until 12 July.

At Moment Factory, it is mentioned as already having the interest abroad to develop immersive experiences in other drive-ins. “The images of VROOM! have been widely circulated, said Daniel Jean. We are in discussion with people in the United States “.

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