“Vulgarity contest”, “dismal farce”, “pathetic exhibition”… Ségolène Royal violently tackles Eurovision

“Vulgarity contest”, “dismal farce”, “pathetic exhibition”… Ségolène Royal violently tackles Eurovision

L’ancienne ministre a violemment critiqué le concours sur son compte X. MAXPPP – olivier corsan

La 68e édition de l’Eurovision qui se déroulait ce samedi 11 mai à Malmö, en Suède, n’a pas été du goût de l’ancienne ministre ; celle-ci l’a fait savoir sur son compte X.

Some don't care, others never miss the annual event that is Eurovision. And then there is Ségolène Royal, who really didn't like the singing competition, the 68th edition of which took place this Saturday, May 11, at all.

In a message published on her X account, the former minister violently criticized the singing competition, which she describes as a &amp ;quot;competition of ugliness, vulgarity, crudeness of exhibitionism", castigating both the costumes worn by the candidates and the budget allocated to the event.

"It is to be hoped that not one euro of public or European money went to this dismal farce, (with a few exceptions), and that questions about the costume and staging business scene which raged and on those who chose it, can be posed", she declared before questioning herself :< em> "Did the singers themselves have the freedom to refuse the pitiful abusive clothing that the organizers made them wear ?".

Not a word about Slimane's performance

The columnist on TPMP concludes her rant by asserting that'"a serious investigation into the methods as well as a detailed financial statement of this shabby but obviously expensive exhibition is necessary. Culture, music and Europe must respect each other otherwise no one will respect them anymore".

Apart from the respect that she clearly did not feel for the competition, Ségolène Royal also did not have a word for the performance of Slimane, who ;ranked fourth with his dazzling rendition of "Mon Amour". On the podium, Ukraine occupies third place, behind Croatia. Switzerland is the big winner of this 2024 edition thanks to Nemo and its title sung in English "The Code".< /p>

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