Vytas returned from a tour in China and made an alarming statement in antiviral mask

Витас вернулся из тура по Китаю и сделал тревожное заявление в противовирусной маске

today, 23:16

Famous singer Vitaliy Grachev, acting under the pseudonym of Vitas has long been considered one of the most secretive artists of the Russian scene: did not give interviews, does not “Shine” on events…

Add to this intriguing image, created for the artist: in his first concerts he appeared in a silver suit, it was closed with a shiny neck “gills”, and he sang incredibly high for men voice.

Витас вернулся из тура по Китаю и сделал тревожное заявление в противовирусной маске


“Descendant of the frogman”, “man with gills.” said the crowd of idle gossip. Only relatively recently the singer “came out of the shadows” and started talking about himself. But still Vitas prefer to answer journalists ‘ questions as short as possible, — he is convinced that the most important voices from the stage with their songs. However sensational the virus has not spared a star, and he expressed his thoughts regarding coronavirus:

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Real situation #coronavirus #vitas

A post shared by Vitas (@vitasroom) on Jan 31, 2020 at 8:07am PST

Витас вернулся из тура по Китаю и сделал тревожное заявление в противовирусной маске

Vitas is very popular in China, in 2009 he was awarded the title of national artist of this country. The Chinese audience literally loves Vitas in Shanghai in his honor, a statue, and the singer meets the Chinese sincere respect and love, often touring the cities of China.

So at the beginning of this year, undaunted by the terrible coronavirus, Vitas drove through the cities of China and gave several large-scale concerts.

He not only sang from the stage, but chatted with fans, took pictures with everyone and signed autographs. And all this time, Vitas did not hide the face under the mask, despite the risk of infection.

To the question – he is not afraid of the virus and observing among the people of China in connection with the threat? the musician answered briefly, but seriously:

Coronavirus exist. Be careful – Vitas

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