Wage subsidy paid to the PLC: the Bloc québécois made a complaint to the ethics Commissioner

Subvention salariale versée au PLC: le Bloc québécois porte plainte au Commissaire à l’éthique

The Bloc québécois has announced that it lodged a complaint with the ethics Commissioner against the liberal Party of Canada (LPC), to terminate its access to the wage subsidy emergency, which could be used for partisan activities in view of next elections.

“We consider that the government that has voted and created the wage subsidy program was then used, put the hand in there to put on the pockets, that the liberal Party of Canada can be over$ 200,000 per month,” said the mp bloquiste of The Prairie Alain Therrien, in interview with Antoine Robitaille at QUB radio, Tuesday.

“It has no kind of sense”, added the mp, who judge that a party has to get its funding, rather than the “take home taxpayers who pay their taxes, and in the coffers of a State”.

According to the mp, the party goes against the very nature of the wage subsidy program, in particular because it does not need that money to weather the current crisis.

  • LISTEN to the full interview of Alain Therrien at the show up There on the hill:

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