Wait! In the network appeared the cut scene from “Avengers: Finale”

The Directors considered that it is too emotional

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Дождались! В сети появилась вырезанная сцена из "Мстителей: Финал"

“The Avengers: Finale”

Fans kinokontrol Marvel finally waited for this moment – in a network there was a deleted scene from the movie “Avengers Finale”, which became the highest grossing in history. The video was published by USAToday.

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Paintings Directors Joe and Anthony Russo noted that farewell scene on the battlefield was cut after filming of the funeral. In their opinion, the second episode was much more emotional.

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In the video, the hero Hawkeye gets up to one knee, his head bowed, to pay tribute to the fallen comrade. His example, one after another, followed by the remaining heroes, including Doctor strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, captain marvel. Silently turns around and leaves the place of mourning only Omers.

We will remind, in the USA on a large scale has died down 28th annual MTV Movie&TV Awards 2019. Leading the ceremony was actor Zachary Levi. Best film of the year chose “the Avengers: Finale”.

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