Waiting for Bojangles: Crazy Love

Waiting for Bojangles: Mad Love


Romain Duris and Viriginie Efira play extravagant and moving lovers in Waiting for Bojangles, an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Olivier Bourdeault elegantly directed by French filmmaker Régis Roinsard.

Côte d'Azur, 1950s. Camille (Virginie Efira) and Georges (Romain Duris) have always refused to live in reality. After falling madly in love at a society reception to which they were not invited, the two lovebirds decide to marry on a whim and go and lead an unconventional life in a large apartment in Paris where they organize parties every night. 

” When reality is banal and sad, invent a nice story for me “, Camille likes to repeat to Georges and Gary (Solan Machado- Granera), their young son born of their union.

But no matter how much Camille and Georges try to escape reality, it will eventually catch up with them. Because he hasn't opened his mail for years, Georges will have to sell his garage to pay off his taxes. As for Camille, she will be interned in a psychiatric hospital after having endangered her family in a fit of madness. 

Sweet fantasy

Rhythmized in particular by the very nice song Mr. Bojangles, great success of Nina Simone, the first part of this feature film by Régis Roinsard (Populaire) seduces with its sweet fantasy and its irresistible lightness which gives it the look of a retro comedy.  

It's hard not to be charmed by this couple of crazy lovers, embodied with passion and sensuality by the excellent Romain Duris and Virginie Efira. The latter also demonstrates the full extent of her game in the last part of the film, darker and more melodramatic, in which she delivers a poignant performance.  

Waiting for Bojangles ★★★

A film by Régis Roinsard

With Romain Duris, Virginie Efira and Solan Machado- Granera.