“Waiting for brother”: daughter Loboda accidentally revealed the secret star mom

"Братика ждем": дочь Лободы случайно раскрыла секрет звездной мамы

today, 22:25

The singer Svetlana Loboda has released a new video with daughter me, was really exciting, during which the girl let slip about the new addition to the family.

So, on Tuesday, December 3, Svetlana Loboda has published in his Instagram a new video. In the shot the singer appears with an 8-year old daughter with me, was really exciting that having a conversation with each other. Star mother hugs their child, they are pressed against each other and exchanged gentle words.

And suddenly eve pronounces the following sentence: “waiting for Brother”. Then the tone Loboda abruptly stops to be nice and she tells the child: “So quiet.” After this communication is interrupted.

It is likely that the girl let slip about the new addition to the family.

“You pregnant again? This time boy? That said Eva to me?”,
“Wow, did I just hear ??”,
Svetlana is pregnant again, the predicted event)) using an innocent child made the news for testing”,
“I think somebody talked “, – commented the user

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