War in Ukraine: 4 dead and 27 injured in a Russian attack on Dnipro, aid of 40 billion euros… an update on the situation

War in Ukraine: 4 dead and 27 injured in a Russian attack on Dnipro, aid of 40 billion euros... an update on the situation

Un missile russe frappe un immeuble d'habitation à Dnipro, le 29 juin 2024. MAXPPP – Mykola Miakshykov

Tous les jours, Midi Libre fait le point sur la situation en Ukraine. Ce mercredi 3 juillet 2024, découvrez les dernières actualités autour de ce conflit.

NATO agrees to renew aid of 40 billion euros to Ukraine

NATO member countries have agreed to provide Ukraine with military aid worth 40 billion dollars next year ;#39;euros, we learned on Wednesday from a diplomatic source, one week before the Atlantic Alliance summit in Washington, from July 9 to 11. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged Kyiv's Western allies at the end of May to maintain at a minimum the annual aid of 40 billion euros currently paid to NATO. ;Ukraine for as long as necessary to fight Russian occupying troops.

New Dutch Prime Minister maintains support for Ukraine

The new Dutch Prime Minister, Dick Schoof, assured Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky that his country would maintain its support for Ukraine, during a telephone call on Wednesday. The Netherlands, whose new government approved on Tuesday includes five far-right ministers, was one of the driving forces behind the international coalition aimed at supplying F-16 fighter jets to the Netherlands. #39;Ukraine to strengthen its air defenses against Russia.

The outgoing Dutch government said on Monday that the first of 24 promised planes would soon be delivered. "We will continue to support Ukraine politically, militarily and financially against Russian aggression, whatever the cost and for as long as it takes&quot ;, said Dick Schoof on the social network 60~em> "to further develop our partnership" had been programmed.

Ukraine is counting on the Netherlands to continue the training mission for Kiev pilots using F-16s, the Ukrainian president added . The Dutch government has already supplied F-16s to a training center in Romania, where Ukrainian pilots and ground personnel learn to fly and maintain the planes in combat situations.

Four civilians killed and 27 injured in Russian attack on Dnipro 

At least four civilians were killed and 27 others injured in an attack by Russian missiles and explosive drones on Wednesday on the large city of Dnipro (east-central Ukraine), according to a new report announced by the regional governor.

"Four dead following Russian attack this morning. Twenty-seven people were injured", regional governor Serguiï Lyssak said on social media. Among the injured, eleven were hospitalized, including two people in serious condition, he added.

The previous official report from this attack reported three dead and 18 injured. The Russian strikes damaged a shopping center and a gas station, added the president of the regional assembly, Mykola Loukachuk, denouncing a "massive attack&quot ;. He posted photos of a building and cars with broken windows.

According to Ukrainian media, this is a shopping center which had already been hit by a Russian missile at the end of last December. On Wednesday morning, Russia launched seven guided and cruise missiles, five explosive drones and a sixth reconnaissance on the Dnipropetrovsk region of which Dnipro is the capital, indicated for his part the commander of the Army of the Russian Federation. #39;Ukrainian air.

The air defense managed to destroy five missiles and all of the drones, Commander Mykola Oleshchouk assured in a press release. An important industrial and scientific center, the city of Dnipro had nearly a million inhabitants before the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

A day of mourning was announced for Thursday by the town hall. Located about a hundred kilometers as the crow flies west of the front line with Russia, Dnipro is regularly targeted by Russian air attacks.

In January 2023, a missile hit a residential building in the city, killing 46 people. In the neighboring regions of Donetsk and Kharkiv (East), two civilians were killed during Russian night attacks, regional authorities said on Wednesday.

Russia says it repelled naval drone attack on Novorossiysk base

Russia said on Wednesday that it had repelled a Ukrainian naval drone attack overnight against Novorossiysk, a port housing part of the Russian Black Sea fleet and located hundreds of kilometers from the coast under Ukrainian control.

"Two unmanned ships traveling towards Novorossiysk were destroyed in the Black Sea", the Russian ministry said of Defense.

He broadcast images of this nighttime naval battle off the coast of this port city, bullets and explosions lighting up the night. The ministry, as usual, did not mention possible damage.

Ukraine, which does not however have a real navy, has gradually managed since the Russian invasion of February 2022 to repel the fleet of Black Sea from a good distance by repeatedly striking its ships and its HQ with missiles, naval drones or even aerial drones.

kyiv also attacked the strategic bridge linking Russian territory to annexed Ukrainian Crimea. Russian warships gradually retreated into safety in 2022 and 2023, allowing Ukraine to reopen sea lanes for its agricultural exports.

The nocturnal naval drone attack from Tuesday to Wednesday shows, however, that kyiv has the capacity to send these surface devices to the Russian coast, these are difficult to spot at sea level.

The offensive took place hundreds of kilometers from areas under Ukrainian control, and these aircraft therefore had to cross sectors of the Black Sea where Russia is supposed to have Russian supremacy. In particular, they had to bypass the Crimean peninsula, a Ukrainian territory annexed by Russia in 2014, of which the city of Sevastopol is the historic headquarters of the Russian fleet.

According to satellite images analyzed by experts and media, the Ukrainian successes at sea forced Russia to move a large part of its Black Sea fleet from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk.

The Kremlin, for its part, did not wish to comment on the Ukrainian attack, according to Russian agencies, limiting itself to saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin, currently traveling to Kazakhstan , was informed.

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