War in Ukraine: the author of a war crime identified thanks to CNN

War in Ukraine: War crime perpetrator identified through ; CNN


A Russian soldier who committed a war crime in Kyiv, Ukraine last March has been identified through CNN television reports. 

The US network aired exclusive footage a few months ago of two Russian soldiers who coldly shot unarmed civilians, firing 12 projectiles into their backs. The footage was obtained by CNN using surveillance cameras located near the murders.

One of the victims was 68-year-old Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats, who worked as a security guard at the building.

War in Ukraine: The’ perpetrator of war crime identified through CNN

War in Ukraine: War crime perpetrator identified thanks to CNN

Bucha’s prosecutor's office in the region of Kyiv said exclusive CNN reporting helped identify the Russian soldier, Nikolay Sergeevich Sokovikov.

Russia was informed by him of the charges of war crimes and premeditated murder at the place of the soldier. Russia's Defense Ministry declined CNN's interview request.

Facial recognition technology may also have played a role in identifying Nikolay Sergeevich Sokovikov, according to the US network. The preliminary investigation is ongoing.