War in Ukraine: the Peace Summit ends, new aid from Norway, a Russian journalist killed… an update on the situation

War in Ukraine: the Peace Summit ends, new aid from Norway, a Russian journalist killed... an update on the situation

Le sommet sur la paix en Ukraine s'est achevé ce dimanche en Suisse. MAXPPP – ALESSANDRO DELLA VALLE/POOL

Every day, Midi Libre takes stock of the situation in Ukraine. This Sunday, June 16, 2024, discover the latest news around this conflict.

The end of the war discussed at the Peace Summit in Switzerland

Around 80 countries agreed this Sunday June 16 in Switzerland that the "dialogue between all parties"  and respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine were the path to follow to end the war launched more than two years ago by the Russian invasion .

The overwhelming majority of the more than 90 countries represented at the Bürgenstock summit gave their support to the final declaration, which also called for the return of thousands of Ukrainian children deported by Russia, and for a full exchange of prisoners of war.

Not all the countries present signed the final declaration while the diplomatic consequences are uncertain.

Norway announces $103 million in aid to the energy sector

Norway assured on Sunday that it would provide 1.1 billion crowns ($103 million) to Ukraine to help it repair its infrastructure energy and ensure the country's electricity supply before next winter.

"Russia is carrying out massive, systematic attacks to cripple the power grid but Ukrainians are working day and night to maintain the population's essential electricity supply", greeted Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, quoted in a press release.

According to the latest estimates from the Ukrainian government, Russian bombing of Ukraine's energy infrastructure has led to the country's electricity production being halved since the winter.

Journalist killed in drone attack

A Russian journalist was killed in a drone attack in eastern Ukraine, where he was preparing to report, his office said on Sunday. media, three days after the death of another Russian correspondent near the front. 

"Our correspondent Nikita Tsitsagi was killed during an attack by Ukrainian army drones", reported the News.Ru media on Telegram. According to him, the attack occurred in the area of ​​the Saint-Nicolas monastery, near Vougledar, a town where fierce fighting has been taking place for months. 

President Vladimir Putin declared in early June that'"at least thirty" Russian journalists had found the dead since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

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