“Was a partner”, – Irina Fedyshyn confessed about the relationship with his brother-MP

"Был партнером", - Ира Федишин призналась о связи с братом-депутатом

Irina Fedyshyn, photo: Instagram

today, 21:35

It is no secret that the popularity of Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn is associated with the means of her brother-the Deputy of the Novel. So, in a broadcast on Ukrainian television, the Ira announced the amount, which is wealthy relative has invested in her career advancement.

This became known thanks to the candid confessions of Irina in category “Kava z pertsem”.

"Был партнером", - Ира Федишин призналась о связи с братом-депутатом

Irina Fedyshyn, photo: bestmusic.com.ua

According to the singer, no one believes that the popularity came to her without the help of his brother.

“Nobody wants to believe that Irina Fedyshyn their hard work, everybody starts to look for pitfalls. Yeah, then a brother, then the brother put a lot of money, a lot of millions, so it was so cool. Roma I second cousins. Everyone has a family, everybody cares first and foremost about their children,” said Fedyshyn.

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However, Irina said that the brother did help a small amount at the beginning of her career.

“It was a very small amount. Not thousands of dollars. Don’t know what we wrote sponsorship package, asked on first solo concert. Somewhere in the 5-10 thousand hryvnia, he was General partner”, – said the artist.

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