Washington accuses Beijing of conducting a “blitzkrieg economics” to “exceed” the United States

Washington accuse Pékin de mener une « blitzkrieg économique » pour « dépasser » les États-Unis

The government of Donald Trump has accused Thursday the China to lead a “lightning war economic” in order to ” overtake the United States as a first world superpower “.

This new attack came from the american minister of Justice, Bill Barr, and comes in addition to the accusations by now, almost daily from the president of the United States or his secretary of State Mike Pompeo against Beijing.

“The people’s Republic of China is now engaged in a blitzkrieg economic campaign, which was aggressive and orchestrated” for ” to install at the top of the global economy and overtake the United States as a first world superpower “, he said in a speech in the State of Michigan.

According to him, “it is clear” that China ” not only seeks to join the ranks of other advanced industrial economies, but to replace in block “.

Bill Barr has estimated that Beijing, in order to achieve his purpose, had recourse to unfair methods and even illegal.

He has warned once again against “the serious risks” that would take other countries to ” allow the dictatorship the most powerful in the world to build the next generation of telecommunication networks “, that is to say, the 5G.

And he has taken with previous governments of the us, as well as many large american companies, for their passivity or complicity in respect of china’s ambitions.

“To ensure a world of freedom and prosperity for our children and grandchildren, the free world needs its own comprehensive approach, in which the public and private sectors, while preserving their critical separation, work together to resist domination and win the competition for the top spot in the global economy “, said the minister.

“America has already done this “, he recalled, in an apparent allusion to the cold war against the soviet Union. “I believe that we, the american people, the american government and the american companies together, we can do it again. It is our freedom. “

The relations between the two great powers are extremely tense on countless records: coronavirus, trade, national security law in Hong Kong, 5G, south China sea or even the muslim uyghurs. This confrontation resulted in a cycle of sanctions and reprisals in recent weeks.

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