Washington accuses the Russians to deliver weapons in Libya, images to support

Washington accuse les Russes de livrer des armes en Libye, images à l’appui

Washington | The Russian federation continues to provide a variety of weapons to libyan rebels, like fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missiles, mines and armored vehicles, through the group of mercenaries Wagner, said Friday the u.s. department of Defense.

The Pentagon released satellite images showing, according to him, the military equipment provided by the group of Wagner, deemed close to the Russian president, “on the front lines” of the libyan conflict in Sirte.

According to the Pentagon, the photos show aircraft Russian transport such as the IL-76s, fighter jets, vehicles and anti-aircraft SA-22 as well as an armoured vehicle resistant to mines in Sirte and on the air base of Al-Khadim, in the east of Libya.

This is proof, says the director of operations, united states Africa command (Africom), general Bradford Gering, that Moscow is strengthening its presence in Libya to the sides of the field marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strong man of the East libyan tent from April 2019 to take Tripoli by force.

“The type and volume of equipment demonstrate the intention (setting up) of the sustainable capacity for combat actions, not humanitarian assistance, and indicate that the Russian ministry of Defense supports these operations “, he said in a press release.

The Americans say they have documented the delivery by Russia in Libya, through the group of Wagner, at least 14 fighters and assault Mig-29 and Su-24.

Last week, Africom has accused the Russian group of mercenaries have laid mines in Tripoli and its surrounding areas, in violation of a un embargo on weapons to Libya.

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