Washington believes that Putin wants to stay in power, “to life”

Washington estime que Poutine veut rester au pouvoir «à vie»

The number two of the american diplomacy Stephen Biegun has been estimated on Monday that the Russian president Vladimir Putin, who was submitted to a referendum a reform permitting it to maintain longer in the Kremlin, wanted to in fact stay in power, “to life”.

Asked about the relations between China and Russia, the vice-secretary of State said that they relied on essentially two current leaders of the two rival powers of the United States, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

“All the two seem to have the intention to remain in office for life, or in any case until they decide to leave on their own initiative”, he said at a press conference, a virtual think tank German Marshall Fund of the United States.

“In the Russian system, which has at least the trappings of a democratic system, president Putin holds a referendum” in which “many consider that one knows beforehand that it will result in extending the de facto life of its power,” said Stephen Biegun.

The voting will take place from 25 June to 1 July.

According to a survey conducted at the exit of the polling stations while the referendum was still in progress, and published on Monday, approximately 76% of Russians approved of the reform, strengthen the power of Vladimir Putin.

The reform submitted to the Russians allow the current president to stay in the Kremlin for two terms, until 2036, the year of its 84 years. In the state of the law, he would have had to withdraw from the presidency in 2024.

The Russian opposition has denounced as a electoral farce intended to open the way for a life presidency for Vladimir Putin.

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