Wasp waist [left Ukrainians without sleep: “Apostilas the glory”

Осиная талия Никитюк оставила украинцев без сна: "Попостилась на славу"

Cult Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk, in addition to a great sense of humor and charisma takozh has a spectacular appearance, slender figure and long legs. Fans will not stop to discuss each of the stars, and especially love sparkling humor celebrity who always manages to pick up interesting expressions and his words will not climb. So, Les showed the fans the results of your weight loss and boasted the perfect curves and wasp waist in Instagram.

Осиная талия Никитюк оставила украинцев без сна: "Попостилась на славу"

In the stories she published a series of photos where captured flat tummy and appetizing forms. Girl posing in trendy knitted tracksuit grey. Tight Golf leggings perfectly highlighted her smooth curves. For visual effect, star lifted his vodolazku and took a few selfies from different angles.

“Apostilas and; violet rescue” – decided to leave to motivating photoshoot signature humor Les.

Also celebrity had time to visit one of the new Kiev coworking, where he talked with friends. Les chose to meet in a casual setting, the bright trench coat is one of the trends this season.

Осиная талия Никитюк оставила украинцев без сна: "Попостилась на славу"

Recall the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk, which reached the finals in the show “dancing with the stars,” but did not win, often shared with subscribers in Instagram new pictures and news from his stellar life. So, this time she posted a new photo, which appeared before the fans in a bold manner in the dressing room.

The photo that appeared in the account of the actress, she appeared on the overview of the public filming the new season of the entertainment show “Who against blondes?”, which goes to the New channel. As previously talked Les, it once again adopted the role of leading this program. In the picture, which appeared on her page, she poses in a stylish jacket rich blue.

Recall, bright Lesya Nikityuk eclipsed the Carpathians green coat.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Lesya Nikityuk eclipsed Dubai bold way.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Lesya Nikityuk do what he likes in the airport.


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