WATCH: A parent and a referee come to blows during a basketball game

&See: Parent and referee come to blows during basketball game


An Indiana parent and umpire did exactly what shouldn't be done during a sporting event: come to blows.

The unsightly scene unfolded on Saturday, during a basketball game involving children. The gestures of the two adult men were caught on video and made the rounds of the web.

The relative did not like a decision by the referee and decided to leave his seat to let him know. After an exchange of words, the father threw a punch at the official, who replied by bringing his rival to the ground. The two then bullied each other on the court until they were separated by onlookers.

Witnesses told the WANE 15 network that the father was escorted out of the scene and did not return afterwards. In addition, the police in the region indicated that they had not received any complaints regarding this story.