Watchmen, Mortal, 13 Reasons Why… the tops and flops series of the year 2019

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Watchmen, Mortal, 13 Reasons Why… the tops and flops series of the year 2019

The year 2019 séchève, so this is the time of the balance sheet. Next series, there will be very good but also very bad these past 12 months. What series have thrilled us ? What are the ones that we have exasperated ? PRBK gives you its tops and flops of the series in 2019 !


Watchmen (new)

9 episodes only to the new series of HBO and yet, Damon Lindelof (the creator) has already managed to give us 2 of the greatest episodes of the year, or even of the decade. So yes, the universe of Watchmen requires that you be attentive to everything that happens on the screen (out of the question to zieuter on his laptop), and can sometimes be a little too cold, thus preventing a genuine attachment to the characters – it follows their adventures more than you will not vibrate with them. Nevertheless, what she offers – be it in his story (very current, very impacting, useful, which queries) or in its staging (we have rarely seen such a creative visual in recent years), is a master without equal. Watchmen can sometimes be frustrating, but it is a frustration heartening that we, in fact, always asking for more.

Mortal (new)

The series Mortal, created by Frédéric Garcia, doing rather well its not. If the trailer of the series, Netflix may leave doubtful, the first episode will convince you right from the start. The other five are just as cool between the fantastic story, the special effects, young actors, surprising and original soundtrack to urban effective. The show is carried by Nemo Schiffman, Manon Bresch, Corentin Fila and Carl Malapa plunges us into a universe of WTF that will make you addicted ! The big question now is, Fatal will there be a season 2 ?

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Mortal’s part of our beating of the heart to 2019

The End of The F***ing World (season 2)

Season 1 was so perfect that it trembled when Netflix renewed The End of The F****ing World for a season 2. But we would not have had as much doubt Charlie Covell, the scriptwriter of the series. For this suite of 8 episodes, it happens at the level of season 1 and even better at times. The arrival of Bonnie brings an interesting dynamic, and Alyssa and James are always so touching. And the good news is that the series will end on this good note, since a season 3 is not in the program.

The Boys (new)

If the Titans provided a boost in the genre of the series super-heroic, The Boys clearly at higher speed. Irreverent, violent, bloody… this series is fun to break the codes, twists all our beliefs and undermines our definition of good and evil. More than a fun and entertaining, “The Boys” puts a slap in the face to the genre by reminding us that taking risks in adopting other points of view, it always pays.

Plane (season 3)

The wait was long between season 2 and season 3 of Plane, but it has been beautifully rewarded. Rather than be imprisoned once again in a season-concept (which was lacking during the previous two seasons), Eric Judor has this time opted for a central theme that binds all of its episodes. An excellent initiative that grants him more freedom in the development of his creativity, without ever touching his mastery of the discomfort. Thanks to it, the accomplice of Ramzy is relieved of a ball which made it uneven, the rhythm of its episodes and will offer a festival of valves that come together in every sense. The guest may be less prominent, but it allows the series to shine really.

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Season 3 of the Plane-tree is part of our blows of heart

In their eyes (new)

In their eyes is a real slap visual. Poignant, shocking, disturbing and impressive, the series of Netflix, based on the story of the jogger killed in Central Park in 1989, will not leave you insensitive. You stay stuck in the four episodes, especially in front of the scenes in prison, which will give you several emotions, including injustice. How five black teens were able to be wrongly accused for the murder, awful ? The eagerness of the police boggles the mind. In any case, one quickly becomes attached to them and there was only one desire : to pass through the screen to defend.

Euphoria (new)

For a long time, it was expected that a series focused on adolescents in vienna, we capsize. It is that we had thanks to Euphoria. Over its 8 episodes, the series worn by Zendaya with Jacob Elordi (fans of The Kissing Booth, you can expect a shock) paints a portrait without concession of a youth on the edge of the abyss. Drugs, alcohol, sex, Euphoria does not compromise and it addresses the subjects without taboo. Normally, one is on HBO ! Hence also the scenes with shocks such as the one that holds the record for penis to be shown to the screen (yes, yes). The other huge asset of the show is its sublime staging. We want more and it’s just as well, since the series will be a season 2.

Unbelievable (new)

When Mary returned on his own version and confessed to not having been raped, the police abandoned the case and no longer supports the teenager. Two detectives, played by Toni Collette, and Merritt Wever, will then make a discovery that will help Mary. Inspired by a true story, Unbelievable, that you can catch up on Netflix, is terribly addictive. The investigation is fully conducted and it is difficult not to want to support the character of Kaitlyn Dever. It also discovers the other side of the picture, which is super interesting.

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Unebelievable is part of our blows of heart

Chernobyl (new)

You want to be blown away (and a little disgusted) in front of your tv ? Chernobyl is THE series that it was not to be missed ! With a precision quite confusing, the mini-series from HBO recounts the events surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred in April 1986. We tremble in the face of 5 episodes, all of them more fascinating than others. A shock series that can be enjoyed (we do not advise you on the binge-watching, unless you want to be in depression after).

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Chernobyl is part of our beating of the heart to 2019

The Ranch (season 4)

This is probably one of the series most under-rated of Netflix. If it is true that the theme and appearance of The Ranch may be a surprise at first (who wants to follow the lives of farmers, republicans in the USA in scenery cardboard-pasta ?), this dramédie growing in power each season. Not only does it not get banned no subject (this year it speaks of addiction, the situation of young parents in full separation, injustice entrepreneurial), but more importantly, the actors succeed each time to play just to surprise us, move us and shake the heart. Can be less strong emotionally than the previous part, it turns out to be still vibrant.

Years and Years (new)

The best series of the year 2019 was not the most pleasing but they are no less exciting. Among those who do think about it – and freaking out too – we find Years and Years. Broadcast in England on BBC One, she paints a portrait chilling of our society, but especially our future. Because, yes, Years and Years trying to imagine what awaits us in the coming decades through the story of the family Lyon. Technological advances, global crises, a company at the edge of chaos, the series with Emma Thompson, Russell Tovey and Rory Kinnear gave us a few anxiety attacks over our future.

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Years and Years is part of our beating of the heart to 2019


13 Reasons Why (season 3)

The 3rd season of 13 Reasons Why, was it really necessary ? It has already asked the question at the time of the season 2, but, we were quite disappointed. The trailer gave yet envy like the pitch… We are left finally with a season fairly slow, which is not much and with a denouement not top top. It moves away a bit of the charm that had the series of Netflix in season 1, even if the change in story was promising at the start.

Plan heart (season 2)

We were all expecting with impatience this season 2 of Plan Heart, but unfortunately, it is not at the height of the first. She remains cool, entertaining and it’s top to find the entire band comprised of Charlotte (Sabrina Ouazani), Elsa (Zita Hanrot), Emilie (Joséphine Draï), Julio (Marc Ruchmann), Antoine (Syrus Shahidi) and Matthew (Tom Dingler). Except that it was to be expected after a little more surprising and less draft. There is nothing new and innovative.

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Plan Heart season 2 is part of our flops of 2019

Osmosis and Family Business (what’s new)

There were high and low in terms of series in French on Netflix in 2019. And we can say that it did not begin very well… Among the big disappointments, we find two series very different. A side Osmosis, the other Family Business. The first with Hugo Becker was much too blurry with the characters detestable, while the second reach by Jonathan Cohen and Gérard Darmon was lourdingue. It will be yet a season 2.

Watchmen, Mortel, 13 Reasons Why... les tops et flops séries de l'année 2019

Family Business is part of our flops of 2019

Titans (season 2)

That happened this year ? Where season 1 was a nice slap, this season 2 is terribly slow and poor. The plots are on the spot, repeat or hem and haw, and even the achievement is not as marked. When we see The Boys next, one realizes that the next irreverent Titans and his little madness visual ring false. So yes, we still go to nice things from time to time, but it is too uneven, and the pace of the story is not pretty overpowered for us to pack up and bring us wherever she wants. Worse, the Titans may have little tunes of the series in the Arrowverse in the treatment of its characters, which is not a compliment. Attention…

Luther (season 5)

Was this the season too ? It is possible. In spite of a universe always interesting, and an anti-hero always fascinating, this season gave us the impression that the scriptwriters didn’t know where to go with their story. The police story with great potential and was sloppy and never operated, the surrounding Alice was too ridiculous to believe – it gave a feeling that it was just for the pleasure of the fans (missed !), and it has been shrouded in inconsistencies that, if the season had been controlled would have been excused, but who have finally brought here a real admission of failure on ambition creative.

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