Watchmen season 1 : one episode of the series deleted at the last moment

Watchmen saison 1 : un épisode de la série supprimé au dernier moment

Watchmen season 1 : one episode of the series deleted at the last moment

The pleasure could have lasted one more week. Damon Lindelof said, season 1’s Watchmen would have had to be composed of 10 episodes. Why has it not been the case ? The creator has unveiled the perfect answer.

You can find season 1 of Watchmen is past too quickly ? So don’t be surprised to see the beginnings of frustration by pointing the tip of his nose to read this article. Damon Lindelof – creator, has just announced to Collider, “the original plan was to do 10 episodes“, instead of the 9 broadcast on HBO (USA) and OCS (France).

A choice of creative and logical

Why did you finally deleted an episode, even though it is already open to the continuation of his story in a season 2 ? Simply to questions of pace and consistency. “I believe that at the time of the writing of the episode 4 or 5 that we realized what was going to be episode 6 – and that it needed to take place exactly where it took place” there and confessed.

According to Damon Lindelof, if the schema of a narrative of season 1 has also worked well on the screen, it is precisely thanks to this episode in the least : “We felt that, once that episode 6 would end, we would be closer to the end than the beginning. For us, the episode 6 we do not seem to be a simple point of passage. With him, we felt that we knew exactly what there was to know in order to move towards the conclusion“.

An episode useless

In other words, this is not to have had an episode the less frustrating it is to have an episode that would have been : “I said, ‘We’re not going to do an episode of filling. We know exactly what we must do to arrive at the conclusion, it is time to start it. I don’t want to get caught‘”. Yes, the perfection of a series lies in its details.

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