Watchmen season 1 : Tom Mison (Mr. Phillips) actually naked in episode 2 ? It responds

Watchmen saison 1 : Tom Mison (M. Phillips) réellement nu dans l'épisode 2 ? Il répond

Watchmen season 1 : Tom Mison is he really naked in episode 2 ?

Episode 2 of season 1 of Watchmen, available since this morning on OCS, contained a big revelation around the character played by Jeremy Irons. A scene in which we discovered the first full front-end (a scene where an actor appears completely nude from the front) of the series. But Tom Mison, who plays Mr. Phillips, he really turned this scene or he had recourse to a lining ? Check out his response. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

HBO and the scene naked, it is a great love story. In Game of Thrones or Euphoria, many of the characters were in keeping Eve or Adam and this is not Watchmen was going to break that tradition ! Episode 2, available on OCS in the US+24, it contained the first scene, naked in the series : Mr. Phillips (Tom Mison) and Miss Crookshanks (Sara Vickers) were recruited by their teacher, played by Jeremy Irons, for a play of a kind wonder that told the origin of Dr. Manhattan. This scene allowed viewers to discover that the character of Jeremy Irons has created many clones of Mr. Phillips and Miss Crookshanks, he does not hesitate to kill when it sings. A scene where we also got to see Tom Mison completely naked… but not really !

Tom Mison has had recourse to a lining

Yes, the actor who made a name in the series Sleepy Hollow has in reality had recourse to a lining for such a scene of Watchmen. In an interview given to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor confirmed that it was not him that we saw on the screen. “I would like to thank my lining which has turned this scene. He spent four hours to be lifted and dropped, naked, completely painted in blue,” confided the actor.

In an interview to TVLine, Tom Mison explained the process of the choice of the lining, explaining that he had been consulted to select it. “They have not stopped sending me pictures of these poor boys. I had to look in fashion : “no, no, No”. Finally, I chose a guy called Fergal. A type of cool” is a fun actor.

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