Watchmen season 2 : a sequel possible, but not before many long years ?

Watchmen saison 2 : une suite possible, mais pas avant de longues années ?

Watchmen season 2 : a sequel possible, but not before many long years ?

After a season 1 particularly successful, you still want more Watchmen ? Good news, a season 2 would be possible for the show to be available to us at the SCO. Unfortunately, the series of Damon Lindelof worn by Regina King could have put a lot of time to see the light of day. Attention spoilers.

The final of season 1 of Watchmen, to be broadcast this Sunday 15 December on HBO and OCS, has perfectly concluded the story that started since the first episode, but this does not prevent some fans to hope for a sequel. A desire impossible ? It may not be.

A season 2 is possible, but…

After having entrusted these past few weeks not to wish to continue the adventure, Damon Lindelof (the creator) has finally seized an interview to Variety to open the door to new episodes : “We are in the process of asking the question ‘Should there be a new season of Watchmen ?’. And if this is the case, what would it be ?

Unfortunately, don’t expect to see the series return by 2020/2021 on our screens. Then, as entrusted to the showrunner, “I’m not saying that I don’t want to do it, or that it should not exist. I simply say ‘All the ideas that I had are in this season 1’“.

In other words, it is currently unable to know when he will be ready and inspired to restart the machine : “I agree with HBO, it is a series that deserves a sequel. Maybe it will continue in a year or two. Or in four years. But I would like to see more Watchmen“.

Regina King is ready, but…

To his side, Regina King – who played Angela, has also confirmed to be ready to resume her role. However, while its character has undergone a big evolution at the end of season 1, the actress has clarified that his expectations were now higher : “I can see the play in a season 2, but it will have to be very smart. (…) It is necessary that she be intelligent, with possible winks, while creating new places to explore, that will make sense and will be connected to the world that one has created in season 1“.

An important requirement, as you can imagine, will Damon Lindelof and his team to compete of ingeniousness to write the following, which should, therefore, delay the return of the series. Courage.

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