Water parks in Quebec demand their reopening

Les parcs aquatiques du Québec demandent leur réouverture

The Combination of the water parks of Québec (RPAQ) calls for a timetable for the reopening specific to their businesses because of time limits are necessary to prepare for the season and incorporate the sanitary measures required.

While the government of Québec provides for the re-opening of outdoor pools and water games, the companies affiliated to the RPAQ ask to obtain clear indications for the planning of their activities.

“Operators of water parks to be found difficult to explain the exclusion of bathing sites private in this announcement. This misunderstanding is all the more shocking because there is nothing to indicate that the risk of contagion of the COVID-19 being variable as a function of a private or public bathing place”, says Yves Juneau, spokesman for the RPAQ.

The organization has filed a plan of health security to government authorities on 25 may to oversee the operation of its sites and to incorporate all the safety instructions required by the Québec public Health.

“Operators of water parks are amazed to learn that the bathing places public have benefited from a government decree that the excluded, even more than their website and their infrastructures allow for an operating framework that is more secure than the public places, in particular by the presence of supervisors and certified lifeguards to supervise the visitors,” said Mr. Juneau.

Government assistance claimed

The other challenge is certainly that of the financial fragility of the companies in the tourism sector and more particularly the water parks, he said.

“These entrepreneurs need to be considered equitably in the decisions taken by the government of Quebec and wish that the government of Quebec to help these companies get through the next few summers.”

With the arrival of June, in addition to the fixed costs to bear, in addition to the variable costs associated with the recovery of their activities.

“There is much, little or no client, we must maintain our infrastructure, pay our taxes and continue to pay our other fixed costs which are very important in our industry. We are ready to actively participate in the recovery of the economy and I am confident that we can do it safely for our customers and our employees, but it is still necessary to know the intentions of the government on the following things, and this, very quickly”, stresses his side Nadine St-Amant, owner of the Super Aqua Club.

The RPAQ is comprised of nine water parks from different regions of Québec.


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