Waterbuck is saved from the crocodile: video

Водяной козел спасается от крокодила: видео

Водяной козел спасается от крокодила: видео

Waterbuck is saved from the crocodile: video

The crocodile had already dragged the victim into the water, but then events took an unexpected turn.

May 24, 2019 at 12:13

73-the summer pensioner Mike Johnson (Mike Johnson), together with the excursion group arrived in the Kruger national Park. In the distance, a small pond, people noticed the movement and decided that there are hippos. Them during the trip tourists already met a lot, so much attention to the unfolding events at first they did not pay. But then someone has reviewed the water goats gathered on the beach, and Mike turned on the camera.

Through the lens he saw that the crocodile keeps the water of the goat’s legs. Are close relatives caught the victim, unable to help her, but not ready to leave the place of battle. All the animals are from the nearby pond, where they probably came to the watering place, and there is water on one of those African antelopes attacked by a predator. However, the goat was strong enough and in the attempt to escape was dragged tenaciously stuck him in the leg the reptile to shore.

Having invested all of his energy, he couldn’t move, still held by the predator, and helplessly stopped. But for some reason, the crocodile also did not continue his attack. The result is a rested goat was able to break out of the “toothy” shackles. However, he is not far away – leg was obviously injured.

Unfortunately, tourists in a hurry and are unable to tell what the outcome of this event: did the cloven-hoofed animals to leave the dangerous place or the crocodile was able to complete his hunt.

Common Waterbuck (lat. Kobus ellipsiprymnus) belongs to the genus of African antelopes of bovids. The height of adult males at the withers of up to 130 cm, weight – 250 kg. Crocodiles on average grow to 3 meters and weight about 300 kg, while living in South Africa individuals – the largest of all African crocodiles. Reptile, caught in the camera lens, perhaps it is still young or unhealthy – otherwise, if the difference in size, the goat could not withstand an attack for so long.

Let’s see how the warthog got away from the hungry lionesses.


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