Wave of denunciations : Blanchet does not rule out a lawsuit

Vague de dénonciations : Blanchet n'exclut toujours pas une poursuite

OTTAWA | The leader bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet does not rule out to take legal action against the collective anonymous “Hyenas in petticoats,” which reported allegations of sexual misconduct to the subject.

“Not necessarily, but if necessary”, he stated when questioned on the subject in the press conference Tuesday on parliament hill.

“I feel the need, but if a necessity should occur, I will be ready”, he added.

Recall that Mr. Blanchet is referred to last week by allegations of a sexual nature made anonymously via the Facebook group “Hyenas in Petticoats”. On Monday, the collective has suspended temporarily access to its page from the social network as well as its web site.

Tuesday morning, the page where the allegations surfaced was once again accessible and the group has warned in a publication that it intended to suspend again.

“That it has been removed from the public space is a significant progress and, likely, a clear demonstration that all this would never have had to exist,” commented Mr. Blanchet, in his press conference that focused on the business WE Charity splashing against the liberals of Justin Trudeau.

For a second press conference in as many days, the leader of the Bloc has refused to respond to several questions from journalists on the allegations which he makes the object. He has neither denied nor confirmed that it would have consumed cocaine in the late 90s, as the message Facebook has put these allegations on the radar mentioned.

However, he said that he was “closer to the edge of the athlete, that guy’s night”, doing it to the rest argued that he could not answer such questions in a state of uncertainty where he may bring an appeal in this case.

Mr. Blanchet would have kissed a woman without her consent, at the end of the 90s, and would have encouraged her to have sex with him.

The alleged facts, which have never been subject to proof before a court, date back to the time when the ex-pq was manager of the singer Éric Lapointe.

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