Wave of denunciations : no claims relating to the elected members of his party, ” says Valerie Plant

Vague de dénonciations : pas d’allégations concernant les élus de son parti, affirme Valérie Plante

MONTRÉAL | mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, has said that there are no elected representatives of his party that are the subject of allegations in the margin of the wave of denunciations concerning sexual aggression and harassment unleashed on the social networks in Quebec.

“Honestly, as head of the party, nothing has come to me,” she said Wednesday in a press briefing, on the sidelines of a visit to the fresco “The life of the Black.e.s account/Black lives matter” painted on the rue Sainte-Catherine East.

The question has been asked of the candidates when she assumed the leadership of projet Montréal, said the mayor. “Over there, there will be no second chance,” said Ms. Plant.

As to the denunciations on social networks, who have splashed more public figures, the mayor has not commented on specific cases. For her, it is the reflection of a ras-le-bol of the victims.

“It is true that there may be blunders (on social networks), but I think that we should listen to the fed and the helplessness of the women who surround us, and men also, in the face of a certain trivialization of these attacks, large or small, that one has lived or still lives”, argued the mayor.

“There are a lot of people who are experiencing or have experienced harassment. If each one of us, we ask someone else, to our neighbor, our sister, our mother, our girlfriend, our wife, “is it that you have already experienced an assault, a small, a medium or a large”, the answer, it’s probably going to be “yes”.”

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