Wave of denunciations: pages disappear from the web

Vague de dénonciations: des pages disparaissent du web

Pages linked to the wave of denunciations that has washed over Quebec in the last few weeks, splashing several public personalities in the passage, have disappeared from the web on Monday afternoon.

In particular, the page Facebook of the group, Hyenas in petticoats became inaccessible in the late afternoon. Shortly after, the website of the feminist collective has been “made private by its owner”, so that only authorized people can now see it.

The page Facebook of Hyenas in petticoats shared testimonies of anonymous people telling the story of the attacks which they said they had been victims, while naming their alleged abuser.

A list that had hundreds of names of alleged abusers or stalkers, Dissonnom, has also been removed from the site blog WordPress. This list had names of well-known personalities, but also people that are unknown to the general public, without necessarily specifying the context.

The various pages have disappeared just moments after an anonymous letter denouncing the methods of the feminist collective has been published on the web and relayed by the page Facebook 7 days on Earth.

In this post, a person claiming to have worked with the feminist collective, before taking his distance, claiming, inter alia, that the group would have posted fake testimonials or embellished them.

Page Facebook Hyenas in petticoats had carved out a major place in the news last week by posting on Tuesday a witness against the leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet. A woman told then that the politician would have embraced and would have insisted on having a sexual relationship with her while he was manager of Éric Lapointe, at the end of the 90’s.

Mr. Blanchet has denied these allegations during a press conference on Sunday. “I am not the person that this story is invented,” he shouted saying to consider possible remedies for “allegations defamatory”.

Eric Lapointe had also made the cost of a publication the following day, alleging that he would have sexually assaulted an extra during filming of a music video. He had denied “categorically” the allegations.

Several other personalities in quebec are found in the turmoil in recent weeks because of allegations. Some have denied the facts as they were alleged while others have apologized for their behavior, as the singer Kevin Parent, or the actress By Morin.

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