Wave of denunciations: the ADISQ excludes Adamus and Dare To Care of the gala

Vague de dénonciations: l’ADISQ exclut Adamus et Dare To Care de son gala

For the first time in its history, the ADISQ has removed a member of its association. Caught in the maelstrom of denunciations of abuse and sexual misconduct of his musician Bernard Adamus and its president Eli Bissonnette, the label Dare To Care Records, is no longer part of the organization.

It is by way of a press release that the ADISQ announced, on Friday afternoon, having made the decision to exclude the Dare To Care Records of his association ” due to allegations made against its president and sole shareholder, Eli Bissonnette, in particular by several employee(s)and old(do)s employee(s)”.

Eli Bissonnette was caught in a turmoil earlier this week after her musician Bernard Adamus had been denounced in the stories of sexual misconduct. The president had, among others, admitted to being aware of these allegations and have closed eyes on the situation.

“This is the first time that we exclude a member of the association. This never happened, confirmed to the Newspaper, the director-general of the ADISQ awards gala, Solange Drouin. The members of the board of directors have taken this decision, which has been very well evaluated. “

Even if it is too late to remove DTC from the list of applications in the industrial categories for the ADISQ Gala, 2020, the ADISQ awards gala, given that the company is no longer a member of ADISQ, it may not, in fact, collect nominations at the gala.

If the record company had to continue its activities under the same name, but not Bissonnette, Solange Drouin said the company could possibly make an application for to be a new member of the association.

“The name of the company, it is one thing, but we should also look back who runs it,” she said.

In its press release, the ADISQ has also announced that it has ruled out the nomination of Bernard Adamus of all artistic categories of galas this fall.

For Yann Perreau, also referred to by allegations of sexual misconduct this week, it was not recorded this year in the gala.

“For each of the other cases that may be out in the next few days, we will act accordingly,” said Solange Drouin. If these are similar situations, it will be a similar treatment. “

“An evil company “

Questioned as to whether there is sexism is systemic in the middle of the music, the director-general of the ADISQ has answered that ” it is an evil of society that is prevalent, it is necessary that this be brought to light wherever he is.”

Two years ago, following the movement #MeToo, ADISQ had worked with the whole of the cultural sector to put in place a code of conduct.

“There had been information sessions and the establishment of a single window where every person in the cultural milieu witness to or victim of sexual or psychological harassment can have a direct support,” said Solange Drouin. It responded to a need. But is that enough ? This is the question that must be asked. “

This fall, the ADISQ will offer a training called ethics and prevention of misconduct in the workplace.

“It was already planned, said the director. Since 2018, it is in the collective work of the cultural milieu. This training will be given by people of Juripop. “

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