Wave of denunciations: the ADISQ excludes Adamus and Dare To Care of the gala

Vague de dénonciations: l’ADISQ exclut Adamus et Dare To Care de son gala

In the wake of denunciations of abuse and sexual misconduct that have occurred Bernard Adamus and the president of his record label, Eli Bissonnette, ADISQ has just published a press release in which it declares condemn ” any form of abuse of power and harassment in the music industry and the spectacle.”

The board of directors of ADISQ, where Bissonnette has served for many years, has taken the decision to exclude the Dare To Care Records of his association ” due to allegations made against its president and sole shareholder, Eli Bissonnette, in particular by several employee(s)and old(do)s employee(s)”.

Even if it is too late to remove DTC from the list of applications in the industrial categories for the ADISQ Gala, 2020, the ADISQ awards gala, given that the company is no longer a member of ADISQ, it may not, in fact, collect nominations at the gala.

The organization adds that it has also decided to exclude the candidature of Bernard Adamus of all artistic categories galas. “The board of directors would like to state that it will not hesitate to intervene in a similar way to any situation the commander in the future. “

In this regard, it was not stated in the press release if Yann Perreau, who has also been referred to this week by allegations of sexual misconduct, was going to suffer the same fate with the ADISQ.

“ADISQ takes very seriously the issue of abuse of power and harassment in the world of music and entertainment and is committed to continue the actions already initiated in this respect in all of its departments and to initiate new ones. “

Even before this wave of denunciations, ADISQ had already planned to hold this fall a training called ethics and prevention of misconduct in the workplace.

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