Wave of denunciations: the bars react

Vague de dénonciations: les bars réagissent

In the wake of the new wave of denunciations about social networks, tenants montreal undertake to redouble their efforts to prevent sexual assaults take place in their bars.

Aware that the consumption of alcohol is often conducive to the cause of assaults of all kinds, the Escogriffe, on the Plateau, has announced this week on his page Facebook, that a system similar to the”Angel Shot” will be put in place.

A system that has proven

For nearly three years now, it is possible, in a few bars of the metropolis, to order an “Angel Shot”. It is not a question here of a shooter, but a subtle signal sent to the bartender to ask him to get us out of an uncomfortable situation.

“By ordering an Angel, the person is brought to a location where only staff. He then asks how she feels, if she wants to called a taxi or a friend. There is also a door that allows him to leave the bar without being seen,” explained Marilou Sciascia Ruel, owner of 2 Pierrots, one of the first institutions to have trained its employees to this tip.

Since then, only three Angels that have been “ordered” in this institution of the Old port of Montreal, always by girls who were with the boys they did not know and who were particularly insistent with them.

“Even if it is not huge, it is important that people know that it exists, that the staff is on the lookout. As a mother, I would feel more secure that my daughter is so in a bar where there’s this system,” continued Ms. Sciascia.

Pascale Mertes, she has never had to “serve” an Angel for she had presented the code to its staff, a few months ago.

“However, many clients who see the posters that I have installed in the restrooms we welcome,” said the manager of the marina, The Commodore, in Laval, who thinks that all drinking establishments in Quebec should be familiar with this approach in the current context.

An issue left

With everything that is happening on social networks, and the Corporation of the owners of bars, brasseries and taverns in Quebec (CPBBTQ) considers that Québec as a whole is ripe for a new major campaign of awareness for consent in the bars, the last dating from a few years ago.

“We would like to discuss with the civil security in the next few days, but the problem we have in this moment, it is because we do not know if we will still be open next week,” noted Renaud Poulin, the director-general of the CPBBTQ.

Mr. Poulin acknowledges that some of the bars, for all sorts of reason, may be reluctant to call the police to get out an individual who has a inappropriate behavior. In order to improve relations between the tenants and the police, he wants to resume Night, a programme implemented by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and municipal services that allowed bar owners to inform them of issues related to the crime they observe.

According to Mr. Poulin, this could lead to a new prevention campaign with GHB, commonly known as the “date rape drug”, a scourge in the bars.

“Before, we had coasters, posters… I’ve even done press conferences with the police, but it looks like it is off in the last few years,” he sorry.

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