Wave of denunciations: Yves-François Blanchet determined to turn the page?

Vague de dénonciations: Yves-François Blanchet déterminé à tourner la page?

OTTAWA | The leader bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet has firmly expressed its intention to move on to something else, on Monday, almost a week after being named in a publication Facebook anonymous alleging that he had sexually harassed a woman.

“I won’t go back on it. Yesterday, I made a point of long press, accurate, and complete. It is finished”, he hammered in trade tight with several journalists.

Mr. Blanchet declined to respond to any question on the subject on Monday, on parliament hill, arguing that he had approached the question in a press conference full, the day before.

“The only people who I can agree that they consider that it is their job – that pose more questions, it’s you”, he launched to the QMI Agency during his press conference Monday. Our journalist asked him then if he was concerned that parliamentarians deal with these allegations and that it would compromise his job as elected.

The chief bloquiste has also swept away with the back of the hand the invitation, by another journalist, to express his or her intentions as to possible recourse against the group “Hyenas in petticoats”. Sunday, in its first public release in person since that allegations to have surfaced, the politician has discussed the possibility of initiating proceedings against the collective anonymous to “an allegation defamatory”.

Also, the page Facebook of the group in question has become unreachable, Monday, at the end of the day, its web site, made private by its owner.

Monday evening, the Bloc québécois has indicated to the QMI Agency that he would not comment on the fact that the pages are no longer visible.

Late Monday evening, a press release identified as coming from the collective “Hyenas in petticoats” was circulated to explain the “suspension” of web pages by the fact of ” violent threats “. We are specifically aware of any formal notice or prosecution at the place of the group.

It is on the page Facebook “Hyenas in petticoats”, that has appeared, last Tuesday evening, a message alleging that Mr. Blanchet would have kissed a woman without her consent, at the end of the 90s, and would have encouraged her to have sex with him.

The alleged facts, which have never been subject to proof before a court, date back to the time when the ex-pq was manager of the singer Éric Lapointe.

The chief bloquiste has denied unequivocally the allegations and asserted that,”there is no story and no victim”

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