“We all need to have a change of ideas” – Bruno Pelletier

«On a tous besoin de se changer les idées» - Bruno Pelletier

There is a good time that Bruno Pelletier has not set foot on stage. Six months to be exact. “I have never lived in it my whole career “, he breathed at the end of the wire. A few days back on the boards, the singer feels feverish, ” as a teenager who is going to find his buddies “.

Bruno Pelletier was crisscrossing Quebec since a few months already, walking his tour In influences from one end to the other of the province. But the COVID-19 has wanted otherwise, referring to the entirety of the dates of his concerts.

The containment has been “very difficult” for Bruno Pelletier. Of course, like many of his contemporaries, the singer has maintained contact with his fans through the provision of services published on the web. But nothing replaces the real concerts, plead-t-it.

“Shows facts on Facebook or on Zoom, this is good. But the internet has its limits. Me, the contact with people, it is what motivates me, makes me vibrate. This is the reason why I do this business. So, it is very difficult for the artists to have to go, ” says the singer.

Experience intriguing

The wait is almost, however, at its end, since it will find its fans starting on Wednesday, when he will kick off his series of concerts in musiparcs. The idea of performing before a sea of cars in the plot already, the singer is completely unaware what to expect. Because by his own admission, never Bruno Pelletier had imagined one day to live such an experience.

“It is certain that this will be different from an evening at the Maison symphonique or the Place des Arts. I don’t know what it’s going to give as atmosphere, what kind of contact I’ll be able to have with people. All I know is that we all need to have a change of ideas. Then the link will be there, and it’s going to be as strong. It, I’ll make sure “, he promises.

“In security “

For the occasion, Bruno Pelletier has put together a program composed entirely of ” safe values “. The unmissable in its own directory will therefore be supplemented by covers from different artists such as Serge Fiori, Richard Séguin, or even Offenbach, all delivered in the company of three musicians.

“It will be good to see my boys on stage. We waiting for this moment for so long, and if one thing is certain, it is that nobody will be bored on stage, ” muses the singer.

“It will also be good for people. I know that the déconfinement scary to some. But I think they can feel safe with this new concept there ; they are in their cabin, in their car, or very close to, ” he continued.

With respect to a possible return in the theatres, the singer seems wise. Or rather, lucid.

“I have no idea if people will still be waiting for you. Is it that they are going to fear ? Will be reimbursed ? The pandemic involves economic issues for everyone, so we don’t know how it will happen. One can only hope for the best and cross fingers “, he explains.

Concerts of the week series Musiparc

4 July :

Marc Dupré (Gatineau)
2Frères (Mirabel)
The Lost Fingers (Mercier)
Laurence Jalbert and Geneviève Jodoin (Bromont)
Guylaine Tanguay (Quebec City)

5 July :

Laurence Jalbert and Geneviève Jodoin (Mirabel)
Mélissa Ouimet (Gatineau)
Brigitte Boisjoli (Bromont)
Marc Hervieux (Quebec)
Dominic and Martin (Mercier)

July 8 :

Dominic and Martin (Quebec)
2Frères (Gatineau)
Roxane Bruneau (Mirabel)
Les Denis Drolet (Mercier)
Bruno Pelletier (Bromont)

July 9 :

2Frères (Gatineau)
Kevin Parent (Mirabel)
Roxane Bruneau (Bromont)
Bruno Pelletier (Mercier)

July 10 :

Kaïn (Quebec)
Blue Jeans, Blue (Mirabel)
Marc Dupré (Bromont)
Roxane Bruneau (Mercier)
Réal Béland (Gatineau)

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