“We are close to World War III”, warns Trump

“We're close to WWIII,” warns Trump


Donald Trump warned on Saturday that the risk of World War III was very high. The next election is the only way for the United States to “save the country,” he added, hoping to boost his candidacy for the White House. < /p>

The former US president stood out for his comments on the war in Ukraine. According to him, if he were still in power, Vladimir Putin would not have invaded the country.

He took the opportunity to warn his supporters gathered in South Carolina about the risk of a Third World War .

  • Listen to the interview with Dominique Arel, holder of the Chair in Ukrainian Studies at the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa on Philippe-Vincent Foisy's show via QUB radio: 

“Because of the weakness and incompetence of Joe Biden, this one brings us closer and closer to the risk of a Third World War. We are close to the Third World War […] I would have concluded a peace agreement in less than 24 hours”, he underlined.

He also tackled his favorite subjects, castigating a critical theory of race, or even the gender ideology he says is taught within the army.

“We need a leader who is ready to take on the forces that are ravaging our country,” he told hundreds of people in Salem, a small town in New Hampshire where the Republican Party holds its annual convention. .

He also touted his record on public safety and immigration, promising to save the country “from destruction by a corrupt, radical and selfish political class.”

< p>“I am angrier now and more determined today than I have ever been,” he claimed.

Joe Biden back in 2024?

President Joe Biden says so far he “intends to run again,” and has promised to make his decision public early this year.

The architecture of his possible candidacy is also beginning to take shape.

The octogenarian leader will be in New York next Tuesday, then in Philadelphia on Friday, going to meet wealthy supporters to fill the coffers of his party.

Political experts predict a possible announcement after his State of the Union speech, the traditional policy address given by presidents to parliamentarians, scheduled for February 7.