“We are going to be more watched and expected” warns MHB handball coach Elvine Granier

“We are going to be more watched and expected” warns MHB handball coach Elvine Granier

With one of the smallest budgets in N1, HBF3M fought for the title and finished 3rd in the 2023-2024 financial year. Jean-Vincent Menceur

The handball players of Montpellier remain the same, under the "banner" of the MHB. Coach and group renewed, collective reinforced by five recruits and increased motivation for this new season of Nationale 1 which will begin on September 7, after a French Cup tour on August 31.

The announcement was made Thursday evening July 4: the MHB is integrating the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Women's Handball (HBF3M) into its Academy. A new story for handball in Montpellier, a new perspective for women, focused on high level and professionalism.
The MHB therefore integrates the U15 Occitanie, U17 National, N3 and N1 teams of the HBF3M which will evolve under the banner and colors of the MHB, but in continuity with Tiphaine Mennesson who becomes operational manager of the Women's Academy: "I will be in charge of coordinating and managing the Academy, therefore the four women's teams and the sports section which will be called sport studies from next season at the Mermoz high school where I will be responsible for the training missions. ;training. The idea being to structure it in the image of the MHB boys’ sector. This is an opportunity to integrate this kind of structure. Today, we combine our know-how and our expertise in women's handball with the human and structural resources of the MHB which we will integrate gradually to be effective quickly."

A team of warriors with Elvine Granier

The coach, Elvine Granier remains in charge of the N1, "I too took part in the MHB challenge!", following the departure of Laurent Puigségur, Sébastien Richard as deputy (FTHB). And all the players who leave, motivated to continue. "The whole collective remains and it’s a great source of pride for me, they are motivated like never before. We are delighted with this marriage because it is first of all a recognition of our work and then the girls will be able to progress, this will bring performance"& nbsp;while an accession to D2 is targeted within two years.

Five recruits, one replay on August 5

A group which already has its recruits, five players including Camille Denojean (21 years old, pivot) who went through the training center in Nice then Bouillargues in D2; Manon Tisseyre (26 years old, rear), at the club 7 years ago, who also has experience in D2; Tabara Soumaré (22 years old, rear) who played for Saint-Étienne; Morgane Salvucci (22 years old, left winger) and Carla Barthélemy (19 years old) young back from Clermont-l’Hérault. "We are also banking on the future to complete a group of warriors !"
Montpellier women who wanted to keep their Spinosi lair: "It’s the cauldron, it’s their house ! It’s difficult to play for our opponents specifies Elvine Granier. We're going to be looked at more, girls should expect that. Last year, we weren't expected, we won't be anymore, we'll have to manage it. I want to see how we’re going to get out of this. It's going to be a tougher championship, with derbies and teams who have announced their ambitions like Nîmes, La Motte Servolex, Cannes… It's up to us to respond." 

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