“We are so proud of them”: Robert Ménard thanks the ASBH for this great season

“We are so proud of them”: Robert Ménard thanks the ASBH for this great season

Emmanuelle and Robert Ménard, in the stands of the La Rabine stadium, in Vannes, this Friday evening. DR

A few hours after the match, despite the disappointment, Robert Ménard expressed his pride in the season achieved by the ASBH. A tribute with reception for the players will be organized Tuesday evening in front of the municipal theater. As for the negotiations concerning the takeover of the club, they are continuing…

This Friday, May 31, the Biterrois lost 27-21 in Vannes, in the semi-final of the Pro D2 championship. A cruel defeat which puts an end to their season as well as their last hopes of climbing into the Top 14.

Present at the match, Robert Ménard, the mayor of Béziers, is divided. "We are disappointed. This match, we would have could win it. There were all the ingredients to win. Unfortunately, in rugby, there is an element of luck. Yesterday (Friday May 31 Editor's note), the piece n  ;rsquo;didn’t land on the right side, he regretted. But, at the same time – and I'm sure this is the case for everyone – we are so proud of them. They made us dream all season. We would have liked to meet up in Toulouse, but that will have to happen next time. There is a real collective strength in this group, and we owe that to Pierre Caillet. We haven't finished playing the finals in Béziers."

A tribute to the ASBH Tuesday evening

As the season ends, behind the scenes, negotiations with potential buyers continue. As a reminder, the club in fact belongs to the City, through its participation in a SCIC (Cooperative Society of Collective Interest). "These results are a real asset in the negotiations that we are leading with a certain number of groups for the takeover of the club, rejoices Robert Ménard . Today, we are looking for a buyer who has significant financial resources. But we want to remain shareholders of the club because we want to keep an eye on it."

Tuesday evening, at 7 p.m., a tribute will be paid to the players of the ASBH in front of the municipal theater, which will be in the colors of the ASBH for the & rsquo;opportunity. "The objective is to say a huge thank you to them for this splendid season," explains the mayor of Béziers.

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