We bring back his stolen dogs in parking lots

We bring back his stolen dogs in parking lots

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A zootherapy center in the Laurentians which had had its two dogs stolen was able to recover them in an absurd scenario.

“It was really like a film, tells Nancy Trudeau, director of the animal therapy center Monkey Spaces, located in Sainte-Sophie. I felt like a member of my family had been kidnapped and I was really on my nerves. »

On December 10, the day after the publication of an article in Le Journal which said that she was convinced of having had her dogs Buddy and Doula stolen, she got a call from a woman she knew through fundraising dinners.

A camera captured the moment when, on November 28, at least one person lures the Buddy and Doula dogs towards two cars which then leave the site.

“She said, 'I think I know who has your dogs, they don't want money, but I can help you find them.' »

In parking lots

She says that the lady told her to go the same day to the parking lot of a restaurant in Brossard, where someone was going to hand her their first dog, Buddy, which she did.

“She said to me, 'These people [who are going to give you back the dogs] don't know about it, so don't talk to them and do it quickly.” “

On the spot, without saying a word to him, a woman she did not know handed him Buddy.

Two days later, in a similar scene, she was able to retrieve her second dog, Doula, in the courtyard of a restaurant in Mirabel. & nbsp;

Happy to have been able to regain her animals which, among other things, accompanied the autistic children who frequent her establishment, Ms. Trudeau still has struggling to understand what she went through.

“I'm traumatized by this. I don't want to leave my dogs [alone], ”she mentions.

The beasts also seem to have been tagged, since since the events, one of them now follows her wherever she goes. she goes and the other now always barks when she sees strangers arriving. events at the Sûreté du Québec.

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