We can’t cheat in the afterlife

We can’t cheat in the afterlife

Always full of ideas, Alexandra Larochelle imagined a story of spiritualism that goes wrong in her new novel, Val-Caduc. Three hateful teens decide to skip gym class to play Ouija in their school bathroom. The adventure comes to an end and a spirit, Diego, sticks to their tail. Anaëlle dies in the middle of a gym class and then has to pay for her bad deeds. The hereafter has a bitter flavor.

Fairly short novel, written with an alert and humorous pen, Val-Caduc transports readers to the world of the dead. But a world of the dead that does not quite resemble the paradise that one can imagine, with small fluffy clouds and troops of winged angels playing flutes.

Things are worse than that and Anaëlle discovers the “flat” world of Val-Caduc, the city of the dead where she must stay before being able to join a mysterious “holiday camp”. She has her mood swings, her intimidating behavior, her hurtful words put on her nose. To be honest, this crazy novel is impossible to let go!

Alexandra Larochelle is fascinated by ghost stories and had fun writing Val-Caduc. “I wanted to create a ghost story… different,” she says. “I really like the classic of the family moving to a new house that’s haunted, it’s a recipe I can’t get enough of, but I wanted to think outside the box. “

“I asked myself: what is the world of the dead? We get an idea of ​​what it could be, but what if it was completely different from what we imagine, and rather boring, after all? I imagined this very bureaucratic universe, which is nothing wonderful. The dead don’t have time to watch over us, they have plenty to do. And it’s very governed, like the government. “


Alexandra Larochelle played Ouija in high school … even though it was forbidden in her school. “It just added to the excitement of the game… we did it for a laugh and never felt like we were talking to a dead person. I was kidding. The pointer never moved and the dead never wanted to communicate with her.

She was not inspired by “bad guys” from her school to create Anaëlle, but wanted to get out of classic stories. “Instead of getting attached to the character, we’re gonna really hate her. It gives a somewhat funny story because it does not go as she wants! “

Does the novelist believe in ghosts? Is there something on the other side? “I’m more of a skeptic … but who am I to not believe it?” We have no proof. But I tend to believe it more than not believe it. But it’s more of a wish than a belief. There are people around me who have passed away and when I am faced with a difficulty I tend to turn to them. What do I have to lose by trying? To date, it has nevertheless worked well! “

Several projects

Besides, Alexandra has a busy schedule. Another series for teens, First date, written with Louis Patalano, was recently released by Michel Quintin. The third volume of Scary stuff, a series in large print published by La Bagnole for the youngest, is also coming.

She is also co-writing the TV series fromAgent Jean at Radio-Canada and works a lot with the special books of theAgent Jean at Presse Aventure. “We have a lot of projects outside of writing books. It’s stimulating for a designer to be able to touch on all kinds of projects. I love that ! “

  • Alexandra Larochelle was born in 1993 in Laval.
  • She published in 2004, at the age of 10, her first novel, Beyond the universe.
  • This children’s series has sold more than 100,000 copies.
  • To be continued … for volume 2 of Val-Caduc !


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