WE Charity: elections in the fall?

WE Charity: des élections à l'automne?

OTTAWA, The Bloc québécois intends to file a motion that could have the effect of triggering a federal election in the fall, he reported Friday, in the wake of the case WE Charity.

“Quebecers may not want an election in the short term, but we understand that they still want a least one other scandal-partisan and liberal, which seriously undermines the fight to the COVID-19”, said the head bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet by way of a press release.

The Bloc and the conservative Party of Canada and both apply to the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, and the prime minister Justin Trudeau to resign, in the face of recent revelations in the case of the appearance of a conflict of interest that splashes on the liberals for weeks.

“If messieurs Trudeau and Morneau were to not comply, the Bloc Québécois will consult with Quebec in the perspective of the filing of a motion of censure against the government, upon returning to the House in September 2020”, prevent the bloquistes.

A motion of censure is tantamount to ask the elected officials at the federal if they have placed their trust in the government in place and, if it is adopted, it directed the governor general to provide for elections.

If the bloquistes are willing to go forward if the minister of Finance and the prime minister does not give in to their place, it remains to be seen how the Quebec would respond to a possible consultation on the holding of elections.

A party spokesman said that the result of such an exercise would be conditional, in a first time.

“In addition, the Bloc québécois is asking the Chief electoral officer of Canada to consider measures of social distancing in view of a general election which could be called before a medical solution does not have the disease, and the speaker of the House of Commons to make provision for a vote of all of the 338 elected to the federal parliament as early as the beginning of the 21st September, or even earlier,” adds one addition by statement.

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