WE Charity has tried to seduce the government of Quebec

WE Charity a tenté de séduire le gouvernement du Québec

OTTAWA | WE Charity has attempted an operation of seduction with the minister of Finance of Quebec, a few months ago. And the body, in the heart of an ethical controversy involving the family Trudeau, has also raised funds in a school in montreal.

The minister of Finance, Eric Girard, has received three representatives of the movement WE in his montreal office on December 20, 2019, including the controversial co-founder of the charity, Craig Kielburger.

Little known in Quebec, the organization was determined to be more involved in playing political contacts before being splashed by a huge scandal.

WE is in hot water since the federal government has granted and then withdrawn a contribution of 43.5 M$ to manage$ 500 Million in federal grants for the volunteer student.

According to our information, during the December meeting, the representatives of WE were looking to establish new partnerships with the government Legault.

Craig Kielburger has even invited the minister Girard to attend one of his events.

Eric Girard, Quebec minister of Finance.

Mr. Girard has, however, declined the invitation, and his ministry has not paid a penny to WE.

10 000 schools

The ministry of Education of Quebec, the main target of WE in the other provinces, indicates for its part, does not have any agreement with the organization.

However, the boards of schools may enter into themselves of the service agreements with third parties.

Schools are the field of main action of WE, which is said to provide “kits of teaching activities and educational resources” for teachers and students.

It also encourages them to raise funds for a variety of causes.

Some 10,000 schools in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom adhere to the movement.

The students of the primary school Gardenview in the montreal borough of Saint-Laurent have collected $ 10,000 and non-perishable food items under the influence of WE, shortly before the pandemic.

A teacher who has already used the material of WE, has sensitized his students to the devastation caused by the forest fires in Australia.

Move children

Moved by the images of koalas trapped in the flames, the children wanted to help.

In January, the school told the newspaper Metro that the funds collected had been paid to WIRES, an australian organisation coming to the aid of animals.

On his website, WE, who do not operate in Australia, does not mention WIRES.

The body said rather than the school Gardenview has contributed to its food security programme, and its WE the Villages.

Not lobbyists, but…

No representative of the movement WE do is recorded in the Registry of lobbyists in Quebec and was at the time to meet with the minister of Finance, Eric Girard, in December.

But “the nature of the meeting, which was informative and was not aimed at any particular application does not seem to require that these persons have been entered in the Register,” according to the office of the minister.

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