WE Charity: Justin Trudeau is losing feathers, but his government’s survival would not be threatened

WE Charity: Justin Trudeau perd des plumes, mais la survie de son gouvernement ne serait pas menacée

OTTAWA | The popularity rating of the prime minister, Justin Trudeau has fallen because of the case WE Charity, according to two recent polls, but Canadians appear to be less likely to believe that the controversy will bring down his minority government.

More than half of Canadians surveyed by the institute Angus Reid, 54%, disapprove of the performance of the prime minister, compared to 44%. This represents a recent decline of six points to his approval rate and 11 points since may, note-t-on.

However, 56 % believe that the controversy, which splashes on the liberals for weeks, will not be an issue that will undermine the long term viability of the Trudeau government. There remains, however, that the controversy is an issue of “serious and significant” for 59 % of the respondents.

Note that, according to the stroke of the probe, the residents of Quebec are more likely to think that the liberals could potentially lose power because of the case WE Charity.

A second poll, conducted this one by the firm, EKOS research associates, point essentially in the same direction. The advance enjoyed by the liberals has shrunk from 11 to 5 points in a month, said.

“However, there is evidence that the impact of the scandal are already beginning to dissipate,” wrote one.

And the liberals are to 34.7% in voting intentions, the conservatives, to 30% in the stroke of the probe of EKOS. The New democratic Party has for its part 15.2 per cent, the green Party 7.6% and the Bloc québécois 6.5% in the country.

The margin of error of the survey who are Angus Reid is 2.5%, 19 times out of 20, and that of the CENTRES of 3.7%, 19 times out of 20.

Trudeau will testify on Thursday

The prime minister Justin Trudeau will testify Thursday to the Finance committee, which looks at the controversy WE Charity.

The appearance, a rare occurrence for a prime minister based in Canada, will take place from 15h to 16h. This is what we learned Monday on the website of the parliamentary committee.

The chief of cabinet of Mr. Trudeau, Katie Telford, will deliver its version immediately after the liberal leader, is at 16: 15, according to the schedule. All this must be done by videoconference.

The testimony that the prime minister Justin Trudeau will no doubt be something historic in the fact that the precedents are rare and that the last appearance of the kind that goes back more than a decade.

About five prime ministers in office have testified before the committees or royal commissions in Canada’s history, according to a research non-exhaustive conducted by the Library of Parliament.

Everything indicates that the last case dates back to 2006, when the former conservative prime minister Stephen Harper has testified before the special Committee on the reform of the Senate.

The case WE Charity broke out after Mr. Trudeau and his government had given the management of a volunteer program, student $ 900 million to the organization WE Charity, close family Trudeau.

The prime minister is also referred to, in the wake of this case, by an investigation of the ethics commissioner and the conflicts of interest, Mario Dion. This is the third time since his election in 2015, as it must bend in such an exercise. The two previous times, Mr. Trudeau has received a reprimand.

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