WE Charity: prime minister Trudeau agrees that it will explain

WE Charity: le premier ministre Trudeau accepte de s'expliquer

The prime minister Justin Trudeau and his chief of staff Katie Telford, have both announced Wednesday that they will testify finally, in front of the standing committee on finance to provide explanations on the case WE Charity.

Claimed for a long time by the opposition parties, the testimony of Mr. Trudeau, whose family has links with WE Charity, is highly anticipated. “The terms regarding the date and time will be known soon,” said his office, without offering more details.

This double announcement comes as the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, revealed before the committee have paid off Wednesday 41 000 $ to WE Charity for a family trip in Africa.

Mr. Morneau and Justin Trudeau have not objected to discussions surrounding the awarding of a major contract for the management of a scholarship program federal student to the organization WE Charity.

Many see it as a conflict of interest, the mother and the brother of the prime minister to have been paid to participate in various events of the organization, while the daughter of the minister of Finance is working on it.

The conservatives have indicated that they will, Thursday, the resignation of Bill Morneau.

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