WE Charity: the C. A. did not know that lecturers were paid, the brothers Kielburger testify

WE Charity: le C.A. ne savait pas que des conférenciers étaient payés, les frères Kielburger témoignent

The brothers Kielburger, who testify before a committee of Commons, to argue that WE Charity would not have received any “financial benefit” of the program of federal Grants for the volunteer student.

They argue that the organization they co-founded non-partisan and that she has worked with politicians of various political persuasions over time.

The program of federal Grants for the volunteer student is at the heart of a controversy that splashes on the minority liberal government of Justin Trudeau for a month.

The C. A. did not know that lecturers were paid

The ex-president of the board of directors of WE Charity, Michelle Douglas, was not aware that speakers speaking at events of the organisation could be paid for, as the brother and the mother of the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

“I do not know the precise nature of what they have been paid, but if it was exclusively for having taken the floor at the scene of an [event] “WE days”, it would surprise me “, she said during her testimony before the parliamentary committee of Finance, on Tuesday.

She added that the executive of We Charity has always sent the message that the speakers were not paid for speaking.

Margaret Trudeau, mother of the prime minister, earned $ 250,000 for her participation in events organized by WE Charity between 2016 and 2020. Alexandre Trudeau, for its part, received $ 32,000 for his cooperation with the agency, while his brother was at the head of the government.

Ms. Douglas, who has been at the head of the board of directors of the organization at the heart of a controversy endure for a month, has also been suggested to have been pushed towards the exit by the co-founders of WE Charity, brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger.

“On the 25th of march, Craig Kielburger called me to ask me to resign from the board of directors. It was clear that there had been a breakdown of trust between the founders and me,” she narrated to the members of the committee focusing on this case of the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Ms. Douglas stated that she has not been involved in the discussions that led to the allocation by the Trudeau government to WE Charity the management of the grants program volunteer student.

The brothers Kielburger also testify before the committee on Finance, Tuesday, and their appearance is expected to last four hours.

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